[KyuTae] Cho Kyuhyun and Kim Taeyeon Moments

annyeong haseyo! we meet again in my special post!! ^^ we all know if Kyuhyun and Taeyeon have a moments,they so smart to try get closer but sometimes they can’t meet again because they usually must go away or meet somenone else,i think Taeyeon must be patient with Kyuhyun when Kyuhyun with another woman and Kyuhyun vice versa also to Taeyeon (so sad T..T) but they have a big hope that is have a duet together but they know if SM Entertaiment not allow them,this is so sad too. I have photo moments of Kyuhyun and Taeyeon,we all hope maybe they have relationship keke~ because Kyuhyun and Taeyeon is able to hide their relationship.. ^^ i will post this moments! (still part 1) 🙂
the first, when Kyuhyun and Taeyeon have a duet with Donghae and Jessica,they singing Way Back Into Love. look at Kyuhyun and Taeyeon when they have to duet singing it’s looks very romantic,right? 🙂
and look at their gaze..omo~! have a feeling love! kyaa~! >..<
the second,i don’t know if Kyuhyun look at Taeyeon or not but I have this photo in internet so i believe if this is true! and Kyuhyun so happy look at Taeyeon..(Taeyeon unnie? do you feel that?? LOL ^^)
the third,definitely!!! they want to singing together and they looked at each other! omo~! so romantic! this photo i search at video when Kyuhyun,Taeyeon,Jessica,Yesung,Tiffany and Ryewook singing Feliz Navidad,when look that video you find just Kyuhun and Taeyeon very romantic duet! ^^ they congratulating chirstmas each other! (so rommmaaanttiicc!!!) keke~
the fourth,yeah we all know they want to get closer,but maybe they very shy?? :/ but this is REAL moment!! (Kyuhyun+Taeyeon= UNIQUE DESTINY) keke~
the fifth,look!! Kyuhyun looked at Taeyeon,Kyuhyun was in front of Taeyeon.!! and they have same colour  clothes/t-shirt ^^
Yo! Yo! Yo! we meet again in this my special post for you all !! keke~
this is part 2 moments Kyuhyun and Taeyeon,ok! to the point! this is some pictures about Kyuhyun and Taeyeon moments! enjoy it guys! and don’t forget to comment this post! jaebal ^^
the sixth,okey! i know,Kyuhyun and Taeyeon get closer but still far! >..< hmm,it’s no problem,because they just shy or don’t want to show to public about they relationship keke~ ^^
the seventh,i search this moments in video when SM TOWN in Shanghai (maybe ?) keke~
many moments in there,i’ll give you the photos and bonus 5 photos you can see ! enjoy it! ^^
Kyuhyun take care Taeyeon ^^ (sweeettttt! )
Kyuhyun and Taeyeon together ^^ (omo~!)
Taeyeon walk the first,Kyuhyun look at Taeyeon and allow her ^^
the eighth,when SM TOWN in Dream Concert and singing Let’s Go on Trip. Kyuhyun and Taeyeon contigunous! (kyaa~! >..<) very very happy and they are so happy too!! look the moments Kyuhyun and Taeyeon,i’ll give more than one photos! ^^
Kyuhyun really enjoy it because can get closer with Taeyeon and singing together each other and very near! keke~
Taeyeon have a support Kyuhyun when he is singing!! oh,that’s REAL if they want to have a duet together!!
the ninth,Kyuhyun in front of Taeyeon,he want to protect Taeyeon and make her smile but Kyuhyun maybe can’t do that because many people in there so Kyuhyun just can get closer with Taeyeon (Kyuhyun: Don’t cry baby) keke~
the tenth,Kyuhyun and Taeyeon have a same style,ohh! they are so sweet! other people not same with Kyuhyun and Taeyeon style, i hate Jessica when she was imitating the style of Kyuhyun and Taeyeon,but you can see if Jessica not really same? because she bent down, her right hand holding a microphone and her finger is shaped-V,only her left finger is opened!! so just Kyuhyun and Taeyeon have a same style,they are is DESTINY! keke~
annyeong haseyo guys! are you want to know the next moments? in this post,there are one video you can see about Kyuhyun and taeyeon moments, no need to linger long,this is next KyuTae moments part 3 :
the eleventh,you got it guys? keke~ Kyuhyun smile’s is very cute and Taeyeon is neomu yeppeo!! >,,< Kyu want to get closer with Taeyeon,this is struggle of Kyuhyun to get closer with Taeng,Taeng is never mind,.isn’t she? LOL xD
the twelfth,this is the same of KyuTae. Kyuhyun holding the doll is same with Taeng’s doll,they are so sweet!
the thirteenth,KyuTae cute dance. same hair style,they look very happy,right?  ohh,sweet couple ^^
the fourteenth,Kyu is always follow Taeyeon. Kyu actually wanted to give the place in the next of Kyu but there are Victoria take her place,i want to cry!! T,,T Victoria is very bad girl,when she was somewhere else suddenly when saw Kyu,she is direct quickly took the place Taeyeon,argghh kill Victoria together! *kidding guys keke~
this is the photo of Kyuhyun and Taeyeon only,they are so romantic! 🙂
fifteenth,eyes contact? woah,Kyuhyun is very sweet look at Taeyeon and Taeyeon welcome his eyes to meet Taeyeon’s eyes, omg omg this is good to be true! KyuTae FIGHT!!! ^___^
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  1. annyeong! lala imnida ^^
    aq jg kyutae shipper. tapi aq jg taeteuk shipper. menurutq, kyutae moment kurang byk dripd taeteuk moment. share video’a boleh? 😉

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