[TRANS] 120212 Girls’ Generation attends ‘Fanta presents Girls’ Generation Tour in BANGKOK press conference’


SNSD : Hi, we’re Girls’s Generation.
Sooyoung : Hi, I’m Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation.
Sunny: Hi, I’m Sunny from Girls’ Generation.
Yuri: Hi, I’m Yuri from Girls’ Generation.
Hyoyeon: Hi, I’m Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation.
Taeyeon: Hi, I’m Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation.
YoonA: Hi, I’m YoonA from Girls’ Generation.
Jessica: Hi, I’m Jessica from Girls’ Generation.
Tiffany: Hi, I’m Tiffany from Girls’ Generation and I’m very glad to get to be here today.

Host: How do you feel about your first solo concert in Thailand?
Yuri: We’re very happy to hold the concert in Thailand. In fact, it was scheduled to be held on last year but (since we finally get to hold it) we’re very happy right now. Today, we’re bringing a lot of songs and pleasant activities to you guys today. (I bet) everyone would definitely be enjoy with our concert.

Host: Thailand is the last place where the Asia Tour concert ends at, how do you feel?
Tiffany: I’m very happy that the last place is Thailand because we have not been to Thailand for a long time. We always wanted to come to Thailand but we hadn’t even got any opportunity. However, we finally get to come here. We still do feel comfortable although it’s quite hot. As the atmosphere over here is good, I think the concert would be as enjoyable as the atmosphere!

Host: What have you prepared for the concert to surprise the fanclub today?
Yuri: It’s absolutely special thing. We also prepared a long sentence in Thai. We’d like to speak Thai for our fanclub and it’s also the first time for us to perform ‘The Boys’ in Thailand as well and we’ve heard that ‘The Boys’ is the very famous song among Thais.

Host: As you have been to Thailand for many times, is there anything which make you impressed?
Sooyoung: Whenever we came to Thailand, a lot of things would make us impressed such as food, atmosphere including our Thai fanclub. We’re always impressed (with Thailand) and we really love Thailand. That’s why we would like to come to Thailand more often.

Host: You have just said you are going to speak a long sentence in Thai. Could you give us some example?
SNSD: ฉันรักคุณ (I love you.)
Seohyun: รัก SNSD มากๆนะคะ (Please give SNSD a lot of love.)
Tiffany : คิดถึงจัง (I really miss you)
Host: She (Tiffany)looked at me while she was saying that sentence.
Tiffany: No, I said I miss our Thai fanclub. I really miss you.

Host : What’s you latest schedule?
Taeyeon : We’ve been very busy lately. We’ve just been to Europe and America. And we only got a few hours to get back to Korea and then we flied to Thailand afterwards. We’ve got to meet a lot of fanclub from many countries around the world. For the fanclub who lives in the country where we’ve not been to yet, please not feel hurt because we will be meeting everyone sooner or later.

Host : What is your plans/goal in 2012?
Sooyoung : We’ve got a lot of schedules. Our goal in 2012 is to meet all fanclub from around the world.
Seohyun : We’ve got a lot of schedules such as the musics and dramas. Our goal in this year is to meet our fanclub from around the world. It’s Asia tour this time, so, next time, we hope it to be World Tour so that we can get to perform in Thailand again.

Host: Lastly, please leave a message to fanclub, who have followed your schedules and have waited for this concert for a long time.
Taeyeon: We’re very happy. We have to thank to fanclub who came to pick up us at the airport. We thought that there would be nobody going to the airport because we’ve not been to Thailand for a long time. We hope everyone to encourage us a lot so that we would get to come to Thailand more often because we really love Thailand. We’d like everyone to come to our concert and we hope you to be extremely enjoy with it.
Source; Pingbook entertainment
Thai to English translated by: @taenggyunjae
Please take out with full credit.

ps: i’ll trans this latter.. :3

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