[TRANS 120629 FROM Seohyun]

Taetiseo~ I didn’t know that name would sound so natural…
Taetiseo, you already… miss us, right?? ㅎ
The three of us might have had a lonely promotion but thanks to our SONE, we were able to make memories that were more enjoyable and happier than ever~
I know I always say thank you… but every time, it’s my true feelings ^^

Oh by the way, it was my, Seohyun’s, birthday yesterday wasn’t it!?
I’ll think of yesterday’s 20s Choice Awards as my birthday party and… or maybe that’s too much?? haha
Anyway, it might have been a schedule but I enjoyed it like it was a party~
To party with precious people~ each following day seems to be ones that I’ll never forget in my life.
Now~ this is another new start!
Everybody, let’s hwaiting!!^^♥

[From. SEOHYUN] 태티서~ㅎ

태티서~ 라는 이름이 이렇게 자연스럽게 느껴질 줄 몰랐는데..
태티서 벌써..그리워졌죠??ㅎ
우리 소원 덕분에 활동하는 내내 자칫 외로울 수 있었던 세 명의 활동이
그 어느 때보다도 즐겁고 또 행복한 추억으로 남겨졌어요~
항상 고맙다고 말하지만.. 매번 진심이에요^^

아참 어제 저 서현이의 생일이었죠!?
어제의 20’s choice를 저의 생일파티로 생각하고 ..그건 아닌가요??하하
아무튼 스케줄이지만 파티처럼 행복하게 했어요~
소중한 사람들과 파티도하고~제 인생은 잊지 못할 날들의 연속이네요!
자~이제 또 새로운 시작입니다!
우리모두 화이팅하자구요!!^^♥

source + photo: girls’ generation official website

trans: oniontaker @ twitter

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