[TRANS] Pesan Taeyeon di Girls’ Generation Official Website!

[TRANS] [From. TAEYEON] MuCore pictures again today~

Music Core after a long time^^~~
The place where we can meet SONE closest
That’s why I waited for it so much^^
Thank you for creating little memories every Saturday!
I laugh looking at it at home alone^^ ㅋ
Now, this week’s photo is a group shot with TTS!

(Oh. And the selca taken with the 5th anniversary concept…
Let’s just say it was taken during our fan meeting!!ㅎ I’m jimotm*….)

*jimotmi = shortened version of ‘jikyeojuji motaeseo mianhae’ which means ‘sorry I couldn’t look out for you’

[FROM. TAEYEON] 오늘도 음중사진~

오랜만에 음악중심^^~~
소원과 가장 가까이서 만날 수 있는 자리
그래서 더욱 기다렸답니다^^
매주 토요일마다 깨알 같은 추억을 만들어 줘서 고마워요!
집에서 혼자 보면서 웃어^^ ㅋ
자 이번주 사진은 태티서와 함께 찍은 단체사진입니다!

(아. 그리고 저번에 5주년 컨셉으로 찍은 셀카사진은…
우리 팬미팅 때 찍은 걸로 퉁칩시다!!ㅎ 나 지못ㅁ….)

Trans by: @ch0sshi

source: GIRLS’GENERATION Official Website

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