1. Suho likes Funk Rock music.

2. Suho’s ideal type is someone who also has literary interests.

3. Suho describes his personality as exemplary, polite and considerate.

4. Suho likes cycling.

5. Suho’s blood type is AB.

6. If Chen really had his power of electricity, he would use it to bring back power if there was a power shortage.

7. A memorable moment when the EXO members went to Disneyland for Xiumin was when Lay and D.O lost scissors, paper, rock and danced to MAMA.

8. Kris’ hobbies include: watching movies, reading books, sleeping and playing African drums.

9. All the EXO-M members (including himself) think Tao makes the most mistakes when speaking Korean.

10. When Tao first heard Chen sing, he got goosebumps.

11. When Tao first met Chen, he found him very approachable and was very serious when he was doing things.

12. When Chen first met Kris he thought: “Whoa, he’s just not an ordinary man.”

13. The person who made the deepest first impression on Xiumin was Tao.

14. When Luhan first entered the company, the first person who said “Hello” to him was Lay.

15. Lay’s first impression of Kris was that he was very handsome but aloof.

16. When Kris first entered the company, the first Chinese person he met was Lay.

17. If Chen wasn’t a part of EXO-M, he’d be Lay’s fan.

18. If Xiumin wasn’t a part of EXO-M, he’d be a fan of Kris.

19. Lay says that it took one year to complete the MAMA album.

20. Tao and Xiumin learn each other’s languages every night until 11PM.

21. In their room, Kris speaks to Chen in Mandarin while Chen speaks to Kris in Korean.

22. Tao has all 12 photo cards from the MAMA album – including his own.

23. The other members say that Baekhyun goes around screaming “Ah” by himself.

24. Chanyeol doesn’t want to get his ears pierced because he thinks his ears will stand out more.

25. When he was younger, other kids made fun of Chanyeol for his large ears.

26. According to the other EXO-K members, D.O cooks spaghetti well.

27. Suho has other nicknames such as “Junmen” and “Myunchael”. (They are combinations of “Amen” and “Michael” with his real name which refer to his stage expressions and his holy performance.)

28. During their training period, Suho bought Kai a lot of good food.

29. Suho is 174cm.

30. At 16 years old, Chanyeol entered a private acting institute just before entering SM Entertainment.

31. Sehun wants EXO to become like Shinhwa that continues to promote even after 10 years.

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