[INFO] New Single and New Japanese Album!

SNSD New Single
Title: Flower Power
Release: 11/14

Limited First Edition
1,575 yen (tax included)


1. Flower Power
2. Beep Beep

Digipak Tall Case
Photobooklet 20 pages
Pre-order special (limited): Poster

SNSD New Japanese Album
Title: TBA
Release: 11/28

12 songs total including Paparazzi, Oh! and Flower Power

3 Versions

1. Deluxe First Edition
7,490 yen (tax included)

-Special cosmetic case
-Original traveler’s notebook with stickers
-9 member solo cut design poster (folded)
-Deluxe First Edition Version Booklet 40 pages (includes solo pics (editor’s edition))
-DVD: MV of 「PAPARAZZI」「Oh!」「ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU」「FLOWER -POWER」「PAPARAZZI gold ver」「Oh! dance ver」「FLOWER POWER dance ver] (total of 7 videos)

2. First Edition
3,990 yen (tax included)

-Digipak Tall Case
-First Edition Version Booklet 32 pages (editor’s edition)
-DVD: MV of 「PAPARAZZI」「Oh!」「ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU」「FLOWER POWER」 (total of 4 videos)

3. Regular Edition
3,059 yen (tax included)

First editions of the regular version will include a application for a special campaign.

source: http://www.sonejapan.net/news/index.html#news121003_2

trans: Ninjafen @ twitter

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