SNSD Jessica feat SHINee Onew – One Year Later


hahn~ chahm eul kkoom eul kkoon guht gah tah…

hahn~ dong ahn hyeh mae goh hyeh mae dah…
mah chee yahk sohk ee rah doh hahn deut
nae gyeh juhl eul guh seul luh
geu nahl chuh ruhm mah joo suh eet neun oo ree..

geu ddae oo ree gah ssuh nae ryuh gaht duhn
ah reum dah wuht duhn ee yah gee
geu ddae oo ree gah gee doh hae ssuht duhn
yung wuhn hah jee duhn yahk sohk deul
hah nah ssheek dduh ohl lee dah nah yae gah seum ee
gyuhn dee jee moht hahl guhl ahl gee eh
nee saeng gahk eh kkook kkook chah mah ssuh
nuh yae eel nyuhn eun ddoh uh ddae ssuht nee…

hahn~ chahm eul ee jeun chae sahl aht jee…
hahn~ dong ahn gwaen chah neun deut hae ssuh…
hah jee mahn shee gahn ee heu reu myuhn
kkae dahl ah gah goh ee ssuh
nuh uhp shee neun nah neun ahn dwehn dah neun guhl..

geu ddae oo ree gah ah joo joh geum mahn
uh reun seu ruh wuht duh rah myuhn
geu ddae oo ree gah mee chuh mohl laht duhn
jee geum eul ahl aht duh rah myuhn
kkeut ee uhp neun hoo hweh mahn dweh nweh ee dah gah
ee gyuh nael jah sheen ee uhp suh suh~
geu guht mah juh kkook kkook chah mah ssuh
geu ruh geh eel nyuhn ee heul luh wah ssuh…

hohk shee nuh doh nae mahm gah teul kkah…
dah shee hahn buhn mahn gee hweh reul joo geht nee…
ee jehn ahl ah~ juhl dae roh oo ree neun~ hyeh uh jeel soo uhp suh
sarang hah goh ddoh sarang hah neun hahn sah rahm.. (OH….)

oo ree joh aht duhn chuh eum geu ddae roh
dah shee dohl ah gah sseu myuhn hae
ah reum dah wuht goh (ah reum dah wuht goh) haeng bohk hae ssuht duhn (haeng bohk hae ssuht duhn)
sarang ee uht duhn nahl deul loh
gah seum ah peun yae gee deul (OH~ YEAH~) huht dwehn dah toom deul
ee jehn moh doo dah moo duh doo goh
dah sheen kkuh nae jee mahl gee roh hae~
gyeh juhl ee ddoh heul luh… myuht nyuhn ee jee nah doh…
oh neul gah teun mahm mahn dah sheen uhp geh…


[Jessica] Feels like I had dream for along time
after wandering and watching for a while
as id we had promised,
We are standing here fancing each other like before after passing four seasons
The beautiful stories we wrote together
The promises of staying together forever that we prayed at that time
while recalling them one by one…
I withheld the thought by thinking of you, because I know my heart won’t take it

How was your one year?

[Onew] I lived trying to forget for a while
seemed like feeling fine for a while
however, i’m realizing as time goes by,
that I can’t be without you
what if we were a litle more mature back then?
what if we knew what would happen now back then?
kept having endless regrets,
and had to withold that trougt because i didn’t have courage to cope with
one year had passed like that

[Jessica] Are you feeling same like me by any chance?

[Onew] Can you give me one more chance?

[Jessica+Onew] Now I know that we can never be apart
the only person that I love and love

[Onew] I wish we could go back to those good times

[Jessica] Those lovely times that were beautiful and happy

[Onew] Heart aching stories, meaningless quarrels

[Jessica] Let’s forget them all and let’s not bring them up again
after season pass,

[Onew] Even after many years pass,

[Jessica+Onew] wish there would be no meetings like today…

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